COMESOON.COM, a cloud base procurement management system and one-stop service platfrom with 5 million buyers/suppliers globally.

Also provide millions well selected qualify products for Hotel, F&B, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Retail, Trading, Beauty and Airline etc. 

COMESOON global easy buy system, on the base of supply chain, oriented itself towards the field of technologies and cloud service. We are dedicated to providing our clients in more than 200 countries around the world with B2B digital supply chain service, energizing business partners who is working on every ramification of procurement. By connecting upstream vendors, sellers and buyers, COMESOON has constructed a robust platform with full-stack supply chain management, aiming at completing the one-stop solution for transactions and contract performance from end to end, getting every single procurement more transparent, more available online, more digitalized, more systematic, more integrated, more centralized, more closely connected and more globalized all paving the way within companies for a more efficient operation, a lower comprehensive cost, a higher developing speed and eventually creating more added value in the industries as far as we can reach.

Because with COMESOON, comes with convenience

You can manage all your vendors online, both your aboard vendors and you local vendors

And with one click, the comprehensive database of every vendor you are looking for will emerge at your disposal.

With COMESOON, comes with efficiency,

From quality inquiry to price quotation, there’s only one click needed for your shop-around to get the best price and best quality,

From payment management to order approval, there’s only one click needed for your finance approval and keeping up with the process of completing the order,  

From shipment management to inventory management, there’s only one click needed for your shipment updates and package-transport.

And all you need for your re-order and after-sales is also one-click

COMESOON global easy buy system, has constructed a closed loop that can streamline the procurement management on the digitalized, systemized and organized platform.





COMESOON.COM integrates 5 million suppliers and service providers.

in 900+ different categories.

With our own global fullfilment network,

COMESOON.COM is able to deliver cargos to every corner of the planet.

5 million+

Tested Professional Vendors &

Service Providers



With COMESOON, comes with accuracy

Our agency service will scour the process

From vendor verification to production monitoring

From cargo inspection to central warehousing

From partial shipment to re-packing

COMESOON will bring to you what you ask with security under our scrutiny.

With COMESOON, comes with transparency

COMESOON is going to be a powerful tool, when you use it to upgrade your brand value and reproduce your brand standards. You can make it smooth and fast.

When you use it to make your communication smooth and fast with efforts no more than one click, 

When you use it to manage orders and payment simultaneously and accurately,

When you use it to manage companies and departments unanimously,

And when you use it to save management cost, risk cost, labor cost and material cost and comprehensive cost.




Since the company was founded, we are constantly driven by our core culture: honesty, responsibility, innovation, and using our dialectical thinking.

We always treat our customers with integrity, we do what we say, we show mutual trust and abide by the contract.

We always shoulder the responsibility of our customers, suppliers, partners, employees, shareholders, and investors.

We always use the latest technology available to help our customers analyze and solve problems, through innovating processes and methods, which improve efficiency, reduce total costs, provide customers with the best experiences, and create a substantial added value to our worldwide customers.

Through continuously integrating quality products all over the world, we gradually eliminate brand premiums, cut down intermediate channels, reduce handling times, by using big data and AI technology. We aim to improve the global products circulation system from the base, so that the global business-end user can buy the best value for their investment in the most convenient and efficient way. We call it GLOBAL EASY BUY.

We intend through our uncompromising efforts, to create value, share resources with our partners, and achieve mutual win-win benefits.



Global Easy Buy System